Choosing a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer

Wedding photography is a big deal. It is in a class of its own, mainly because wedding dresses are supposed to be worn once in a lifetime. On the wedding day, the photographer has a couple of hours to capture the couple looking fabulous. At least this is what happens when a competent wedding photographer handles the job. But how do you know which photographer to choose?

It is easy to get carried away by beautiful looking adverts on the internet offering wedding photography services. Think about it, thousands of weddings happen every year; it is easy to find wonderful wedding photography pictures to make websites look good. You have to be certain that the wedding photographer you choose will deliver more than you expect.

A good wedding photographer should help you relax, smile, and be skilled in capturing your best angles even when you are unaware.

I have found some useful tips to help you choose the best wedding photographer.

First, make a list of the best wedding photographers and use these tips to screen them until you find a perfect match.

Arrange a physical meeting

Yes, I know that these days’ people would rather have virtual meetings over the internet. But I suggest you meet the wedding photographer physically. This is the reason. It is important that you work with someone with a nice personality so you can be friends. This is the best way to avoid a bad experience. After the meeting, you will know if they are a good match for the job.

Ask for references

If the wedding photographer is not willing to give you the contact of past clients as a reference, that’s a ‘red flag.’ It is possible they did not handle previous jobs professionally, and the clients were unhappy. Find references and speak with past clients to know their experience and if they recommend the service.

View the website

Okay, so you have spoken to a few satisfied clients, you can proceed to view the website. Look for consistency in the photos or concepts that match what you have in mind.

You can discuss concepts or ask for suggestions from the wedding photographer. View past work based on those concepts, it may also be possible to have a pre-wedding shoot as a test.

Read the agreement

Before signing the cheque, it is important to know what the wedding photographer can or cannot offer. The photographer defines these aspects in the agreement. If you are okay with the terms, great!

Capturing your love story in pictures should be easy when you find the best wedding photographer. I hope these tips help.

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